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Trullo di Raffa

SUD, SUD EST, stone gardens and lights over and under the earth, coloured red by iron. SUD, SUD EST, where the African winds meet the scents of Orient. The sea which breaks on the beaches and cliffs intertwines stories and traditions in a unique panorama that runs from one side of the Mediterranean to the other.  Ancient techniques and ways of living combined with a rich knowledge full of symbols which we have incorporated and re-worked into our logo as well as engraved them in iron to present you wonderful kaleidoscopic plays of light.

 We await you in our little paradise in Puglia, that is composed out of three buildings and connected by stairs and terraces. Surrounded by olive, walnut and almond trees, prickly pears, red earth, wind and sun.

  Benvenuti al Trullo di Raffa

Cono del Trullo
Logo Trullo di Raffa
Pesci di Puglia

The 12,000 square meter property is enclosed by dry stone walls and it is set on the south-facing hills in the heart of the sweat Valle D’Itria.

You are at 7 km from the beautiful cities Ostuni, Cisternino and Ceglie Messapica. You can enjoy the two seas which border Puglia, the Adriatic Sea, which is 15 km away and the Ionian Sea, 45 km far away.

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