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about us

We are Raffaella, engineer, and Billi, graphic designer. We live moving between Bologna, Mantua, Ravenna, Asiago, Hamburg and Puglia. We love traveling and  know the world. The trullo is part of our lives and our passions: Africa bathed by the sea itself, the Orient with its architecture, traditional knowledge and countryside, food and good wine.


We bought it in 2002 after visiting the area for 3 years and seeing many different trulli, many really! 

This complex has immediately fascinated us for its location (close to the beautiful cities of Ostuni, Cisternino and Ceglie), close to 2 seas and especially for its southern exposure, in a gentle valley, with terraces which rest on the roofs. It 'was restructured quickly and tourist activity began in 2005. During these years we have always made improvements and every year it is painted with traditional whitewashed and we plant new trees and flowers. 

We would like you to appreciat the logo we have chosen, reproduced on the iron doors and windows, where holes and studs draw wonderful tapestries of light and shadow.

Black and white stands for the two shores of the Mediterranean, the symbol recalls Arabian and African Art and iron remembers of the colours of the red apulian earth.

We got these insights with the help of the architect Pietro Laureano, UNESCO consultant. In his books* he argues that this land is like Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Ethiopia ... 

* Pietro LaureanoGIARDINI DI PIETRA, I Sassi di Matera e la civiltà mediterranea, Bollati Boringhieri, Torino, 1993

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